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Racket Services

Tennis Town & Country's expert team has vast experience in various stringing and tennis equipment.


 We customize and match racket specs, help evaluate/restore older frames, and can help with any other racket or paddle needs!


We look forward to providing you with our extensive knowledge and exceptional customer service!

We string Tennis, Squash, & Racquetball Rackets!

Racquet Stringing Options 

The tension, material & the gauge of your strings can make a big impact on your game. We can help find the best combo for your game! High quality stringing gives you an edge.

How Often To Restring?

Generally, you should re-string as often as you play a week. If you play twice per week, you should string your racket twice a year. This general rule changes depending on your string material.

More Services

Re-Gripping Service

We have overgrips and replacement grips from various major brands! If you purchase a grip we will happily put it on for you! This only takes about 2 minutes for us, no need to make an appointment!

Need a quick grip change? We got you covered, we will do it on spot!

Racquet/Paddle Evaluation 

Sometimes there is no visible damage on the outside, but you feel a change in your racket’s performance. It can be an increase in the rate of vibration or a change in flexibility. You can bring in your racket and we can take a closer look for you!

We can evaluate your old or new equipment. Bring it in, lets us take a look!

Racquet Customization 

Get more game from your racquet by having your frame adjusted to you.  Let your racquet truly be an extension of your arm! We offer full customization service!

We have a revolutionary machine that measures weight, balance, swing weight, and special bending properties, allowing us to tune any racquet quickly and efficiently.



The Baiardo Tune Pro is a revolutionary machine that measures weight, balance, swing weight, and special bending properties, allowing us to tune any racquet precisely & efficiently. It also features “Tuning Mode,” a groundbreaking predictive software that guides users who want to change racquet specifications to optimize play.


Additionally, the Actuator Head measures horizontal and vertical bending and string bed stiffness. String bed stiffness allows users to reveal tension loss and determine the optimal restringing time.

Call us to schedule an appointment!


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From the environment to how you play the game, many variables impact how often you should rest your racket
  • Strings begin losing tension when your racket is removed from the stringing machine.

  • As tension drops, you lose control and the ability to generate as much topspin, especially if you play with a polyester tennis string.

  • In general, polyester tennis strings lose tension much more quickly than multifilament strings. They would require more frequent re-stringing.



  • Strings lose their resilience over time, creating a stiff or dead feeling that can be harsh on your arm.

  • A freshly strung racquet will absorb the shock better upon contact, providing more comfort.

  • This is especially important if you have elbow or arm issues. If this is the case, you should consider re-stringing more frequently.

  • Polyester strings are stiffer than multifilament strings; they can transfer more vibrations into your arm, putting you at risk of developing tennis elbow or tendonitis.

  •  Elastic materials like multifilament or natural gut are recommended around 50-60lbs

  • Stiffer string material like polyester, we’d recommend stringing looser to avoid arm injuries. 40-53lbs



  • Natural gut absorbs moisture quicker in humid environments.

  • Polyester tennis strings wear out even quicker when exposed to excessive heat or sun.

  • On top of re-stringing, a tennis bag with Thermoguard lining will better protect your racket and strings.



  • Strings will wear out faster if you play more aggressively, use more spin, and/or primarily hit from the baseline.

Why shop at your local store?

Online retailers may seem more convenient,  but we see customers regularly with the wrong equipment resulting in a weak performance. At Tennis Town & Country, we take pride in working with you to find what your game needs to improve without getting injured!

Now more than ever, it’s important to support our local economy.

Tennis Town & Country has been locally owned and family-operated since 2009. We guarantee you’ll get the best deal on our prodcuts. 

Our staff will assist you with our selection of name-brand racquets, footwear, clothing, and accessories at or below MSRP.



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