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Junior Equipment

Junior players and adults have different racquet needs. Unlike adults, their arm strength and hand-eye coordination improve as they age. It is essential to pair them with a junior racquet that matches their strength and coordination. This will promote skill development while reducing negative arm effects.


Junior Rackets

Junior tennis racquets come in either starter racquets or performance racquets. Starter junior racquets are for youngsters who are just starting to play tennis, while performance junior racquets are for advanced junior who plays frequently.


We have racquet lengths ranging from 19" for toddlers to 26", just short of a full-length racquet.


Rackets that are too heavy or big can lead to excessive wrist and elbow action, which can harm both the technique and, in the long run, the arm. We have lots of information to help your child stay on the court and have fun while doing so!



Tennis Court Shoes

We offer a wide selection of junior tennis shoes.

Whether you're looking for entry-level tennis shoes or performance tennis shoes, we have you covered by brands like Asics, Babolat, K-Swiss, and more.

Why You Need Tennis Court Shoes?

Not only are court shoes more durable, but they offer your feet the support you need while moving laterally. They also have more cushioning and traction than other athletic shoes. A good court shoe will ensure durability, comfort, and support, as well as aid in injury prevention.


Come on in, and we will help size your child into the best-fitting tennis shoe!


Junior Tennis Balls

Tennis balls for juniors can aid in their tennis skills development. Junior tennis balls fall into four classes: foam, red, orange, and green dot.

Each is progressively firmer than the previous one. As the ball gets firmer, the height of its bounce and the distance it travels increase. Matching the correct progressive tennis ball to your child’s needs will promote longer rallies, greater consistency, and most importantly keep your child injury free.



We have junior accessories such as backpacks, socks, caps, and visors, overgrips, and sweatbands! We can help you find some useful accessories for your child!

Performance Junior

High-performance junior tennis refers to a competitive level of tennis played by young athletes typically in the age range of 10 to 18.

These players often engage in intense training programs, competitive tournaments, and aim to advance to higher levels of the sport, such as college or professional tennis. The focus is on developing advanced skills, physical fitness, and mental toughness to excel in the competitive tennis landscape.

These elements collectively contribute to the holistic development of a high-performance junior tennis player.


Technical & Tactical Skills

Emphasis on refining strokes, footwork, and overall technique.

 Learning match strategies, shot selection, and adapting to different opponents

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Physical Conditioning
Nutrition and Recovery

Rigorous fitness training to enhance strength, endurance, speed, and agility.

 Proper diet, hydration, and recovery practices to support optimal performance

Image by Jared Rice

Mental Toughness

Developing mental resilience, focus, and strategic thinking on the court.

 "Tennis is 50% a mental game, 50% learning the strokes and being fit enough." -Serena Williams

Bay Area High Performance
Junior Training

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