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The Tyson McGuffin Magnus 3 paddle ushers in a new era in Tyson’s career and a revolution in paddle technology. Designed in hot pink to channel the over-the-top energy Tyson brings to the court. The shape of the Magnus 3 was inspired by Tyson’s tennis background and produces incredible ball speed while also “playing as if it has strings.”


Crossover Tennis players will enjoy the elongated paddle shape that extends the reach and creates an extra-large hitting surface. Magnus 3 features patent-pending Propulsion Core technology that allows for explosive power on drives, counters, and speed ups, but with refined feel and control on resets, drops and dinks. The paddle is further enhanced by the durability of a Charged Carbon surface that provides consistent play across the life of the paddle.


Each JOOLA Gen 3 paddle comes with an embedded NFC chip that unlocks an extended 12-month warranty through an easy to navigate registration process.

JOOLA Tyson McGuffin Magnus 3

Out of Stock
    • Average Weight: 8.1oz
    • Paddle Length: 16.5in
    • Paddle Width: 7.5in
    • Grip Type: Gray Feel-Tec Pure Grip
    • Grip Length: 5in
    • Grip Circumference*: 4.25in
    • Surface: Charged Carbon Surface
    • Core: Propulsion Core
    • Core (mm): 16
    • Control: 97
    • Power: 97
    • Spin: 98
    • USAPA Approved: Yes
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