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Designed to be the ultimate lightweight performance shoe, the Asics Solution Speed FF 3 provides a special blend of speed, stability, and comfort for players who run down every ball. Since the inception of the Solution Speed, comfort, lightness, and flexibility have been key elements of its design. With this 6th generation of the Solution Speed Asics re-engineers the Speedtruss system, which enhances flexibility and speed, while giving you stability to change directions with full force. The new uppers consist of woven mesh for a lighter and more comfortable feel, while also improving breathability. Also new for this update is Asics' Precision-Sole outsole made to grip the court when you need it to, and flex smoothly as you sprint all over the court!

Fit Tip:

Length: True to size

Width: Narrow

Arch: Medium

Overall Fit: Little to no break-in

Weight: 11.8oz

Asics Solution Speed FF 3 Men's

Color: Koi Blue
    • Upper: Engineered woven mesh for a lighter feel and improved comfort (previous version had more TPU). PGUARD technology protects toe-drag damage, and added protection on the medial side.
    • Midsole: FLYTEFOAM cushioning is responsive comfortable. FLYTEFOAM PROPEL helps with heel to toe transition for a speedier feel when pushing off. Speedtruss improves flexibilty, and helps stabilize feet during intense transitions.
    • Outsole: High Abrasion Rubber with Preciosion-Sole technology. Innovative outsole design maximizes grip and flexibilty, but also allows hardcourt sliders to go full speed into stops for controlled, smooth braking.
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