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The revolutionary Veloz Quadra™ 13 mm is the new pickleball paddle with a seamless 360° carbon fiber wrap. This innovative edge-less design creates Dynamic Tension™ when the ball is hit, producing an extra large sweet spot and providing a whole new level of control, drive, and touch.  Plus, it’s forged under pressure and heat, curing for over 3 hours —for a consistent surface with maximum friction.


 At a 13mm thickness, this Veloz™ paddle will bring excellent power and drive to your game.  And its lighter design is preferred by those affected by tennis or golf elbow, arthritis or shoulder related injuries. This traditional wide, rectangular silhouette delivers a large lateral sweet spot.  Many players prefer this paddle type because it provides greater maneuverability everywhere on the court.


    • 4-ply 360°carbon fiber wrap for Dynamic Tension™ and extra-large sweet spot
    • 8mm professional-grade honeycomb core for lightweight durability
    • Forged under pressure and heat for a continuous surface treatment with maximum friction 
    • Handcrafted 1-piece construction means no energy transfer to elbow or shoulder
    • Edge guard protects the paddle against abrasions
    • USA Pickleball listed and approved 
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