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Budget-Friendly Meets Performance!

The Holbrook Malibu Paddle combines power and control giving you the best hybrid paddle. As part of Holbrook's Performance Series, the Malibu paddle was designed for beginner - intermediate players looking to grow their game.

Holbrook Performance Malibu

    • Core: Advanced Polypropylene Honeycomb - responsive and robust for an unmatched playing experience.
    • Surface: FlexTech Carbon Fiber and Graphite Blend - ensuring a perfect balance of flexibility and strength.
    • Dimensions: Sleek design measuring 15.75 inches in height and 7.8 inches in width.
    • Weight: Feather-light at 7.8 oz, designed for agility and ease of movement.
    • Grip Length: Comfortable 5-inch grip for optimum handling.
    • Thickness: Precision-engineered at 14 mm for superior control and power.
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